What We Offer:

Comprehensive fitness testing and performance profiling with JM Fitness and Wattbike. The Cycle Performance Analysis is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to improve on the bike. Take control of your training with benchmark fitness results and personalised training zones.

Is this for you?

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £55.00

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Instead of just getting on the bike and churning out the miles, I  am now training smarter and following a structured programme.  My last Wattbike session with John showed a big improvement.

James, 38

Who Can Benefit

Our services are designed to support people of all ages and levels including:

  • First time cyclist unsure of how to get started
  • Recreational cyclists
  • Roadies or mountain bikers (including downhill and enduro)
  • Triathletes wanting to maximise their cycle leg
  • Experienced cyclists looking for that next level in performance

What’s Included*

  • Pedaling efficiency analysis
  • True heart rate max and heart rate training zones
  • Personalised power zones
  • Personalised report
  • Sub max or max aerobic power (ramp) test
    • Options include British Cycling maximum aerobic test
    • Or functional threshold power (for cyclist utilising power meter)

    *Assessments can be modified to meet your exact requirements)

Wattbike Pedal Analysis

(completed as part of the assessment)

Come and see how efficient your pedalling is? And more importantly how to improve it!


Pedal Map - beginner


Pedal Map - good


Pedal Map - elite

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