How Are You Moving?

JM Complete fitness has launched our new functional rehab centre. It is home to the county’s only specialist ‘move well’ functional analysis service. In addition to treating all aches, pains and injuries, we now provide a full movement analysis service. These are 1 hour sessions.

How It Works

Unlike most treatment centres that only treat what they can see (i.e. individuals muscles) often with poor outcomes, we take a more complete approach to rehab.  We start by assessing how well you move.

The walking programme has been great fun. I am now more stable with my walking and have got my confidence back after a couple of falls.

Philippa, 72

1. Clinical Movement Analysis

First we look at how you walk and move in general. Utilising video analysis we can assess your overall (global) movement quality and identify any significant compensations and or restrictions that may be causing dysfunction or injury.

2. Dynamic Movement Screen

Next we utilise expert training methodology developed to identify movement dysfunction during functional movement. This cutting edge analysis system takes you through a series of movements that allows our experts to score the quality of your movement.

Results of Analysis:  The results of the clinical gait analysis and the dynamic movement screen will provide us with a complete picture of how well you move. Research tells us that injury or movement dysfunction can result in the motor process being interrupted (how the nervous system co-ordinates and activates our muscles). This leads to poor feedback (proprioception) from the muscles and joints and can in turn lead to inaccurate, unrefined or uncontrolled movement. Left untreated this can lead to reinforcement of poor movement patterns, compensations and further injury.

3. Dynamic movement skills

Our aim is to re-educate the movement patterns interrupted after injury or surgery. We do this by progressing you through a series of movement patterns that are aimed at stimulating the neuropathways to reeducate faulty firing patterns and re-establish movement quality.

This unique rehab approach allows us to score the actual quality of movement, identify movement dysfunction and weak links and to prescribe the most effective exercises for you. The system also enables us to monitor and evaluate against benchmark results to ensure success. Overall it is a level of service which a standard assessment and treatment protocol would not be able to offer.

Who can benefit

  • Anyone wanting to re-establish quality movement following injury or surgery
  • People suffering with:
    • chronic back pain
    • postural imbalance
    • reoccurring injuries, aches and pains
    • joint related issues (arthritis, tendinopathy, tendinitis etc.)
  • Seniors – Falls prevention
  • People wanting to get into activity or stay active and enjoy quality of movement
  • Back to sport/activity after injury
    • Also see sports specific screening (running, cycling and conditioning)

Rehab Protocols & Exercises

We provide progressive rehab protocols and exercises for:

  • Back
  • Hip
  • Knee

  • Lower Limb
  • Upper thoracic
  • Shoulder

How can we help you?

Are you struggling with chronic injuries or failing to find a way ahead?  A functional rehab approach could be what you need.

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