Making sure that you have optimum nutrition is one of the most important elements of good health and fitness.  JM Complete Fitness have devised two programmes to help you ensure that this aspect gets the attention it requires.  These can be taken as ‘stand-alone’ packages or can be used as an adjunct to any of the other sports, fitness or rehab programmes.

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The Standard Package

General nutritional guidelines on how to structure day-to-day nutrition and eating patterns.

  • Helps promote a healthier lifestyle coupled with an increased awareness of the importance of nutrition.
  • A sample 3 day food diary covering what you eat in a typical day is required as part of the consultation.
  • Sample diary analysed with recommendations provided.
  • Personalised guidelines on where to improve your nutrition day to day.
NOTE: When submitting your 3 day diary please provide a variance of activity levels such as a rest day, a training day and/or a day with competing/sportive event or intensive training.


Duration = 60 mins

Cost = £55.00


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The Gold Package

  • A complete personalised nutritional plan developed around your typical week taken from information provided in a 7-day food diary and nutritional questionnaire.
  • A more extensive assessment exploring day-to-day eating patterns and how they affect both sporting performance and lifestyle.
  • A detailed document will be supplied with information recommending changes to nutrition and further explanations on how and why these changes should be made.
  • Further details are provided on the macro and micro nutrients that play a vital role in nutrition and performance and an explanation will be provided on how these can be used in day to day eating patterns.
  • Further follow up on skype/facetime with the Nutritionist allowing the opportunity to ask questions on the information supplied and day-to-day application of advice.
After the follow up there is a further opportunity to devise your typical nutritional day whereby the Nutritionist will review and provide feedback to ensure you are developing your own nutritional understanding to make the daily decisions of what to eat and when for the future.


Cost = £85.00


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