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What We Offer

Our Running Technique Coaching is our core running programme.  The first session (details below) provides much of what we need to shift your running to a new level and the next five sessions are working with that information to retrain your body to run more efficiently.

Ready to run smarter?

6 sessions – £240.00

Who Can Benefit

We provide coaching expertise and support to people of all ages and levels including:


  • First time runners unsure of how to get started
  • Recreational and fun runners
  • Runners struggling with niggling or recurrent injuries, including, lower back, knees, calf and foot pains
  • Triathletes wanting to maximise their run leg
  • Experienced runners looking for that next level in performance
  • Children specific coaching

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Sarah PB London Marathon 2015

John, just wanted to say thank you. I don’t think this would have happened without your help.

Sarah, 39

Running Technique Coaching

  • A Functional Movement Analysis- unique Running School Movement Screen designed to identify movement related issues affecting your running. This movement screen will guide what level of strength exercises are required to make you a more efficient runner.
  • A Biomechanical Running Analysis- to identify any movement compensations that are potentially slowing you down or increasing the risk of injury.
  • Video Analysis of running gait to highlight areas we can focus on to improve your running. We utilise slow motion analysis to truly understand how we can improve your running technique. We will then send you videos comparisons throughout the coaching process so you can see the improvements you are making.
  • 1-2-1 coaching, straight away in session 1 we will be coaching and improving your running technique utilising our unique accelerated learning protocols.

  • The next 5 training sessions are dedicated to teaching and coaching improved biomechanics, strong form and efficient technique that are the key factors to improving you as a runner.
  • We will provide you with ‘running homework’ between sessions in the form of run specific strength and conditioning exercises, flexibility and mobility exercises. We will also introduce specific training sessions throughout the coaching process to reinforce what you have learnt in the coached sessions. This will help to gain essential knowledge and confidence to keep you improving as a runner.

In addition to the coaching we will also provide essential advice on:
  • Effective run specific warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Run-strong conditioning and flexibility programmes
  • Training for a specific event (run, triathlon etc.)
  • Event pacing- how to achieve your goal time
  • Nutrition (training and race specific)
  • Training gear (including footwear, heart rate monitors, clothing etc.)

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