Comments from Participants

Really enjoyed today’s workshop. Many thanks, John!
Kate Boothby


It was a big eye opener John. I completely get the activation part. I don’t normally have my “second wind” until after the 3rd mile, so that made a lot of sense. Arm action I get, but the cycle action is going to take some work. Defo up for a 1 : 1 video appraisal.
Gareth Owen Thomas

Theory for running technique workshop
Practical in running technique workshop

The first in the series of Running Workshops is now completed. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed and took away some practical tips and an understanding that there is more to running than just running.

The main aim of the workshop was to introduce what it takes to be an efficient runner (co-ordination, balance, strength, rhythm). Running is a skill and through the correct activation and coaching drills we can all become more efficient runners.

I hope the guys today now have a better understanding of what we mean by ‘being activated’.  Without run-specific warm-ups and co-ordination drills it is very hard to shake-off the compensations of work/life and get into the correct rhythm/flow for running efficiently.

I intend to run a whole series of such workshops so please use the link below if you would like to join the next one, date to be confirmed…..


Just wanted to say thank you for the workshop yesterday, it was very informative. Tried it out during my long run today and actually managed some sightseeing!
Lowri Thomas

More workshops coming soon

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