To optimise performance you need to MIX IT UP! Train across a range of heart rate zones, pace zones and / or power zones. Going hard all the time is not the answer.

Review your weekly training to include a selection of endurance, tempo and high intensity interval sessions. The exact mix and make up of each session will depend on your current training status and race specific goals. Don’t think that because your event is endurance based, that you won’t benefit greatly from high intensity training.

Train smarter

  • Complete a sports specific fitness test (Cycling / Running) to establish your personal training zones.
  • Introduce a variety of sessions to bulletproof your performance (i.e. base, tempo and speed intervals).
  • Train with the confidence that you are in the right zone for maximum benefit.


  • More variety, more fun.
  • Better results!

Running Performance Screening

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: £45.00

Cycle Performance Analysis

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: £45.00

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