Would you like to have confidence in your training schedule? To know that it will work for you and not against you? And that if you follow through, you will achieve your running goals?

The #1 error I see with recreational athletes is that they are influenced by what others are doing rather than following their own unique programme which fits in with their lifestyle and personal goals.

The Problem

  • Looking to gain a performance edge, you want to improve (GOOD!) but you ask the wrong questions (BAD!):
    • Should I train harder (increasing intensity)?
    • More sessions (increasing frequency)?
    • Train longer (increasing volume)?
  • You might look to fad diets – high fat/low carb, Paleo, New Atkins.
  • Or do you search for the holy grail in over-hyped details, a new piece of kit or the latest gadget?
  • As race day approaches, pressure mounts and you question your training, listening to friends, colleagues, social media….

The Result

You become a fitness nomad, drifting from one approach to the next losing any continuity you have built into your training.

The Solution

There are 3 elements which are fundamental to success:

  • Individuality
    • You need your own individual plan that works for you.
    • What works for you could injure another
    • What does a plan need to take account of?
    • Specific goals | Time frame | Work-life balance | Opportunities to train | Current training levels | Injury history | Motivation | Ability to recover
  • Simplicity – do the simple things right.
    • Clean nutritious eating plan
    • Review your life stressors and assess how to manage or reduce stress levels.
    • Avoid conflict, include your friends and family, discuss your targets, training commitments and even include them in your goal.
  • Structure
    • Know where you are now; know where you want to get to and form a plan to get you there
    • Keep a diary for 2 weeks of diet, activity schedule, sleep/wake patterns, life commitments
    • Areas for change will become clear.
    • Make minor adjustments and check feedback (better – worse – the same)

Here’s how you do it…

If you want to feel inspired, fulfilled and want a good shot at reaching those personal fitness goals, then you need to speak to John Mills who can help you get there whilst taking your sport to the next level.  He has already helped literally hundreds of people do just that.

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